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If you've landed on our website, then the chances are that you're currently unhappy with your situation in one way or another. You are not alone. Regardless of what is causing you to dislike the way that things are currently going, we're here to help! Whether you're fed up of travelling to work, if you are dealing with a medical condition, if you're desperate to lose weight, if you can't stand your boss and want to start working from home, or even if you're keen to enhance your romance - you are in the right place.


If there's one thing that we understand more than most, it's that there is no feeling quite as devastating as hopelessness. If this is how you are feeling right now, then we want to tell you that things don't have to be this way. By taking the right steps (steps which might seem a little pointless or challenging right now), you could overcome your current environment and start on the path to a healthier, happier you that is making the most of things and enjoying all that the world has to offer.


We want to help you to learn how to improve your environment, your well-being, your finances and everything in between. A better you is just around the corner - so let's make that change together! Pick a topic, learn our advanced techniques and you'll soon be looking back at yourself and smiling at how far you've come.

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Are you ready to grab your happiness by the horns? There's only one person that can improve your situation and that person is you! So, why are we here? Well although you might be the one that needs to decide to switch things for the better, you may not know how. That's where we come in. Our guides are packed with information and instructions to help you to improve things today! If you're asking 'how can I change myself today' - we're here to answer.


Whatever you're going through and however miserable you may be - pick a topic, and let us guide you to success! Right now, you could join thousands of people that have learnt our world-changing techniques and strategies! Whether you want to lose weight healthily in a month or less without exercise, learn how to maximise your chances of finding the partner of your dreams, or if you're keen to start working from home and obtain financial independence - we're here to tell you how you can turn that dream in to a reality, today.


There's a reason why you're here. You're ready to improve things. Happiness, confidence and security are just around the corner, so what have you got to lose? All that you have to do is decide that today is the day that you start your journey to a better you; we are here to help with the rest.


Changing your situation rests on a single decision. Maybe you hope that you'll feel differently in a few hours. Ifs and buts are temporary - why not make a permanent improvement to your environment now?

Improve your confidence, enhance your romantic situation and find the partner of your dreams today with our 37-page guide. Don't spend another day depressed or unhappy. Take control of love today!


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Your guide to losing weight naturally, at your own pace, without risking your health. Weight loss doesn't have to be a chore. Learn our advanced techniques to help you to lose weight in weeks!


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Your guide to working from home and improving your financial income.

Is it time to chuck in that 9 to 5? Learn the strategies that thousands of millionaires enjoy to get rich without leaving home!


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Learn how to declutter your mind, body and soul with mindfulness, NLP and meditation. Stop letting stress get the better of your emotions. Learn how to relax right now with our 30 page guide!


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Are you suffering with depression? Maybe you're reluctant to take the medical route, or you'd prefer to complement your treatment from home? Our 25 page guide will show you how to beat it in weeks!


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Overcome Your Loneliness and Make Love Happen

6 Tips to Beat Depression Naturally, from Home

Shape Up in Weeks Without Pills, Surgery or Exercise

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De-Stress, Focus and Rebalance for a Better You


What is it that's making you feel like you hate your situation?


We’ve all been there before; wondering why things have suddenly become hard - and contemplating whether or not things will get better. It’s no secret that circumstances can be incredibly challenging at times, from worries at work or home, all the way to bouts of loneliness and financial troubles. It’s strange to think that our species has been in existence for thousands of years, and as much as we’ve progressed in that time, there just doesn’t seem to be any let-up when it comes to stress and anxiety. It’s unbelievable how far we have progressed, yet we are prone to suffering with bouts of emotional imbalance now more than ever before.


As you’re here, the chances are that you are currently suffering in one way or another. Regardless of the severity of your situation and no matter how long you have felt this way, there is hope and recovery ahead. 100% of people will be in your boat at some point in their lives - and although their reasons may vary, we will all have to face troubling times and difficult challenges.


Now, this fact might not make you feel any better; after all your circumstance is exclusive to you – but there are ways to overcome your current obstacles. Of course the way that you do this will vary depending on what you’re going through and how enthusiastic you are to make a change.

From deciding to lose weight, improve your health, or while fighting a long term illness - all the way to setting up a business from home, changing your career, or finding the partner of your dreams, nothing is impossible. A stronger, happier you is within arm’s reach.


Why are we here?


If there’s one single thing that we understand more than most; it’s that life is hard. It’s full of unwanted events, unpredictable surprises and a host of aspects that can be a pretty daunting task to keep on top of. That’s why we created www.ihatemylife.co.uk. We aren’t here to tell you what to do, or to lie to you and tell you that you never need to worry again – but we can help you to get through whatever it is that’s troubling you.


Our team consist of some of the most qualified and experienced individuals available, with knowledge ranging from mental health and physical fitness, all the way to financial independence, romance and even meditation. We’re here for one reason and one reason alone; and that’s to guide, advise and encourage you as you begin your journey to a better you.


We know how challenging it can be to overcome particular obstacles; after all we are just people, too. We’ve each dealt with our fair share of hardships. After spending decades within particular industries, we’ve learnt the secrets that even industry-experts are reluctant to share. We’ve lost jobs, put on weight, struggled with grief, felt loneliness and have suffered immeasurably over the years.


As difficult as these events were to overcome, we walked away with something that people spend years hoping to obtain – and that’s self-awareness. We have learnt how to address some of the most detrimental issues on the planet, from obesity and physical well-being, to overcoming loneliness and coping with grief.


We have spent years researching, utilising resources and exploring a unique range of solutions in order to discover exclusive fixes to life’s most difficult challenges. We have helped thousands of people around the world to take a new lease on life – and one that has allowed them to get past even the most severe difficulties.


Whether you’re here for help with a real-time problem, or if you have been suffering for months or years; you could join the thousands of people that have benefitted from our life-changing guides, thought-provoking advice and world-class support. There’s really nothing wrong with saying I hate my life, in fact millions of people experience this exact thought every year.


If you are one of this number then you have two options. You can continue as you’re headed, hoping that something comes up to rectify the circumstance, or you can grab your situation by the horns and decide to take control of it. Now the latter might sound easier said than done, but in reality it can be as simple as changing the way that you approach a particular event or circumstance. That’s where we enter the fray.


A little bit about our guides


Our guides can all be downloaded to any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and cut directly to the heart of their particular topic. Each one has been expertly written and professionally researched to ensure that only the most relevant and effective techniques are presented. We pride ourselves on being able to help you with any number of challenges that you may be facing.


Over the years, we learnt the true value of relevant information and how beneficial it can be when it comes to recovering from, or overcoming, a particular circumstance. Our experts have worked tirelessly to research deeper into the scarcest information only available to industry experts - and we proudly offer our findings to people from across the globe.


When it comes to weight loss for example, we understand how difficult it can be to stick to a particular diet or exercise regime, so we investigated a variety of solutions that can help. As a result, we discovered a selection of chemical reactions that occur when consuming particular types of food – each of which can go straight to work within your body.


These are secrets that even personal trainers don’t want to share with you – after all your gym membership will be paying for their bills, so it makes much more sense for them to try to prolong your weight loss and shape-up routine. When it comes to the food combinations and techniques mentioned within our guide, your metabolism will actually learn how to process food throughout the day – even while you sleep!


The results? Well, volumes of excess fat can be eliminated from your body over the space of a few weeks – all of which can be done whether you exercise minimally, or even consume fatty foods. Your metabolism will experience an upgrade and your body will benefit as a result!


It’s not just the fitness niche that we cater to either; in fact we have a range of guides currently available, as well as dozens of new topics currently in progress. We are constantly updating our collection to cater to the most prominent challenges, as well as for even lesser known causes for concern. We have one aim in mind - and that’s to help you to change your life today.


From learning how to overcome your loneliness and attract the partner of your dreams using techniques that even sex therapists are reluctant to share, all the way to insider tips that the world’s wealthiest people make full use of in order to find their fortune and obtain financial freedom – you could start improving your circumstances right now without having to wait months for noticeable results!


Feel free to browse our website, take a look at our guides and visit our blog for advice, self-help tips and much more!

Thank you and we wish you all the best with your progress and improvement,

The IHML Team

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