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Discrimination is no laughing matter. With 8 out of 10 children complaining about being victimised, not to mention 6 out of 10 professionals stating that they have suffered with bullying at some point in their career - the event seems to be increasing in occurrence as the years go by. If you feel that you're being picked on or discriminated against, then you may find that your happiness and securities have suffered as a result. Being able to identify the difference between bullying and joking isn't always easy and that's where our test below comes in to the fray.


It's been developed with the aid of employment professionals, advisors and human resource officials so as to better recognise whether or not discrimination is taking place.


If the results demonstrate that you could be a victim of the aforementioned circumstances, then we'd encourage you to report the matter to your employer, teacher or relevant official immediately. Bullying in the workplace, or in school should never be tolerated and the first step in taking things to the next level is to identify whether or not you could be being victimised. If you'd like further support on the matter, then get in touch with our team today and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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When answering the questions in this test, please provide the most accurate responses in order to fully gauge whether or not you could be a victim of discrimination. Your answers will always be kept anonymous.

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        74% of people will experience bullying.

        Could you be a victim?

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Could you be a victim of Bullying or Discrimination?

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