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Body image has never been a more controversial subject, with 99 out of 100 people wishing that they could change something about themselves. If you can't accept the way that you look, if you dislike a particular feature or if you find yourself struggling to fit in, you could be suffering with a diagnosable lack of confidence. Dealing with confidence is easier said than done, but it is possible to get a head start on your emotional state and seek professional help. If you're struggling with any of the above symptoms, or if you feel like your insecurities are getting the better of you, why not take our test below?


This test has been developed under the advice of medical experts and will help you to better understand whether or not you are experiencing a psychological condition. If you are - then it's a good idea to seek medical advice as soon as possible. If you're keen to overcome the problem, or move on from your struggle, then take a look at our better lifestyle guides HERE.


The first step to improving your confidence is to recognise your self worth. Feel free to view our blog for tips, advice and general topic discussions relating to body image.

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When answering the questions in this test, please provide the most accurate responses in order to fully gauge whether or not you could be suffering with a lack of confidence. Your answers will always be kept anonymous.

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        Body image can affect us all.

        Could you be suffering with insecurity?

The I Hate My Life

Am I Insecure Test

Shape Up in Weeks Without Pills, Surgery or Exercise

Could you be suffering with a state of Insecurity?